No need for more fire starters

Posted: Sunday, November 12, 2006

I opened the Juneau Empire insert called "Hooligan" for the first time on Thursday, Nov. 2. The first article by Korry Keeker was an absolute shocker; this is the sickest thing I have read in the 47 years I have lived in the Juneau area. After finishing the article, I closed the pages and threw it into the fireplace where it belongs.

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If this is the type of reading material the Juneau Empire and the left-wing liberals would like to align themselves with, then so be it, but I think the majority of Juneau residents would rather read something with higher moral standards than this.

If this thing is aimed at educating our young people in the Juneau area, we need to take a close look at how it got started and what the end result will be on our young people between the age of 12 and 18.

Maybe this is something our mayor and Juneau Assembly could get their teeth into. It would make good leading material at one of their meetings.

There is no need to place this piece of trash in my paper box, as I have all the fire-starter I need.

The young man has a great future ahead of him in the adult magazine area but not polluting the minds of the young people in Juneau.

Dick L. Dau


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