Blood and roses fill Roughhouse ring

Posted: Monday, November 12, 2007

Rose petals and blood were all that remained in the ring after an especially tough Roughhouse Friday at Marlintini's Lounge.

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In the main event, 18-year-old Royal "Crown Royal" Hudson exacted a measure of revenge by defeating Hoonah's Eric Larsen, 18, in a rematch. Last month, Larsen scored a first-round knockout of Hudson.

On Friday, however, Hudson used a strong first round to capture the win, bloodying Larsen's nose early on. Later on in the opening round Larsen was issued a standing eight-count after taking some heavy shots from Hudson.

After that the fight appeared pretty even through round three. When it was over, Hudson asked his corner person, "Any more rounds? No? Good, I'm good."

Here is a rundown of Friday's action:

• In one of the night's best fights, Juneau child-care provider, 28-year-old Sam "Wham Bam" Adams, upended 24-year-old Selina Slack, who said she was fighting for "the women who chop wood in the morning, work during the day, then keep house at night." Slack stayed tough through all three rounds despite suffering a broken nose due to a hard Adams left in the second round. Adams, showing compassion for her opponent, waited for Slack to recover after the punch rather than heeding the crowd's emphatic encouragement to go in for the kill. This was Adams' first fight in five years and she said she trained for a month in preparation.

Friday's results

"Crown Royal" Hudson exacts revenge in rematch with Eric Larsen while Wheat tops Gonzalez

Norman Flood III def. Chris Larsen

Casey "Bull Dog" Yokovich def. Logan Henkins

Walter "Showstoppa" Brown def. Doug Chilton

Sam "Wham Bam" Adams def. Selina Slack

Ronald "Raven" Wheat def. Anthony Gonzalez

Shawn "The Comeback Kid" Beaird def. Wayne "Fu" Smallwood

Cecilla "Mighty Mouse" Williams def. Katrina "K.O." Oleson

Nick "The Nightmare" Morgan def. Ben Bingham

Royal "Crown Royal" Hudson def. Eric Larsen


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• Marlintini's bouncers got a workout during Nick "The Nightmare" Morgan's victory over rookie fighter Ben Bingham. Six bouncers were needed to restrain the boxers during the middle of round one. The 22-year-old Morgan scored the win by effectively avoiding Bingham's big right hand and scoring a third-round knockdown.

• Undefeated 19-year-old laborer Norman Flood III defeated first-time fighter and commercial fisherman Chris Larsen, 20, when the referee stopped the bout in the second round.

• In a heavyweight bout, 40-year-old Ronald "Raven" Wheat, a Tlingit Nation employee, won after his opponent Anthony Gonzalez retired in the third round. Wheat attacked Gonzalez's body from the opening bell. Gonzalez took a low blow in the second round but made it to the bell.

• Like a Roman gladiator walking into the coliseum, supporters of 23-year-old Cecilla "Mighty Mouse" Williams showered her with fresh rose petals prior to her fight with 30-year-old Katrina "KO" Oleson. Oleson tried to intimidate her opponent with an incredibly mean look before the opening bell. Once the bell rang, however, both fighters engaged in an even first round. "Mighty Mouse" peppered Oleson with a furious barrage of fists in the second round, and both fighters tired in the third round as Williams scored the win via decision.

• First-time fighter Casey "Bull Dog" Yokovich, 18, defeated 24-year-old Logan Henkins via referee's stoppage in the second round.

• Shawn "The Comeback Kid" Beaird defeated Roughhouse veteran Wayne "Fu" Smallwood in their fifth match-up. Beaird started strong by landing the first two punches; Smallwood took a hard shot, but came up smiling. Smallwood poured it on in round two but Beaird withstood the story to win by unanimous decision.

• Walter "Showstoppa" Brown, 26, fighting for "fun and excitement," defeated Doug Chilton, 25, in heavyweight action.

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