Thanks for contributing to Ocean Celebration

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Turning the Tides would like to thank all the performers who contributed their talent and powerful performances for free to the Sept. 21 Ocean Celebration. They include singers Linda Buckley, Tom Koester, Kit Peterson, Nancy Spears and Martha Stey; drummers Ray Preston, Ed Carrillo, Edric Carrillo, Jean Butler, Terri Moles, Cherri Bell, Pete Morrisette, Shawn Damserval, Lui Fenumiai, Lawrence Fenumiai, Chance Galletes, Fletcher Sewall, Amy McComick, Bob McCormick, Annie Geselle, Myrna Allen and Jerry Ann Gray; Lyle James and the Woosh.ji.Een dancers; the Nortkut Wolf Pack Tlingit rap group; the Yuchunka Dancers; the Pamyua fusion band from Anchorage, Q'orianka Kilcher and speakers Dr. Marcus Erikson, Assemblyman Bob Doll and Harold Jacobs. We would also like to thank Jim Morgan at KINY, the staff at A&P, Jim Mahan and the KTOO sound and recording team and Derron Peterson at Centennial Hall for lighting and set-up, Tim Kissner, Rod Betit, and Rich Delorenzo for air mileage donations, and all the people that helped host out-of-town guests: the Alaskan Hotel, Terri Tibbett, Ashley Saupe, Linda and Mark at the Capital Inn and Gregg and Tina Brown. You were terrific! Thank you so very much for your time and wonderful talent.

Dixie Belcher and the rest of Turning the Tides


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