Thanks for supporting 'Jump the Broom'

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Jump the Broom" on Oct 5 celebrated love and acceptance with more than 130 supporters and $1,300 was raised to keep marriage legal and equal in California. Our $1,300 doubled into $2,600 when it was matched by another donor on arrival in California. And beyond that, some of you donated on line, so the total generated was well more than $3,000.

Thanks to so many of you who came hours early in your party clothes and helped set up. To those of you who created yummy potluck items, brought fabrics, table cloths, silver party favors, and rainbows galore, thank you. Carmen, Laura - artists extraordinaire in decoration and design, with exquisite finishing touches down to the minutest of details - thank you so much. Daniel, Margaret, Jenny, Alex, Bob, Andy, Bekah, Stacy, Juanita, Rachel, Chris, Maureen, Jacque, Mary and Michael, thanks to all of you for helping us get it all together.

To all the bakers: Tom, Hali, Daniel, Andy, Bekah, Margaret, and Carmen, thank you. And for the icing under the cakes, topper of topping it off, Hali, thank you for creating the magnificent cupcake tower - ingenious design transforming old political yard signs lovingly wrapped with foil and edged with pearls and plastic lilies of the valley into beautiful wedding tiers, doilied to perfection. Right along with that were your party favors, Carmen, above and beyond the call of duty. (And, Carmen, how many lovely, multi-colored tablecloths did you bring.)

Thanks to the four couples: Sean, Sue, Bob, Andrea, Jean, Leslie, Jim and Beth; full of good sport who played the newly-wed/oldy-wed game and lovingly considered their answers while MC Sharon danced in place to the TV theme song from the '60s. Fun and funny while the precious couple Andrea and Bob Doll with a 41 year marriage won the grand prize, a night at the Silverbow Inn. (Let's hope you can put it to use celebrating on election night.)

Thanks to Zephyr, Silverbow and Bat Woman for great silent auction items and prizes. Thanks to Nancy, Karen and staff at JACC. Thanks to Erik and the Rendezvous staff. Thanks to Betsy, Music Wonder Woman of the Century, DJ Sara Alli for coming to the rescue and doing an excellent job at it, and Shannon for hours of CD and music planning help pre party, and Sandra for the last minute CD player.

Maureen J, your songs and voice brought us dreams really coming true. Bravo, Jacque, at the stand up piano.

Thank you, Dr. Amy of The Creating Place and her community art table with a rich array of art supplies, face paints and makings of a wall mural dedicated to love and acceptance. We hope to see the piece that was created there at a gallery walk in the future.

Cindy, for twin care, and all other childcare givers, thank you for letting moms and dads join us.

David, photographer; Juan, the videographer; Amy and Jean photographers, thank you to all of you for the pictures we will always enjoy. (David, lying down in the arch of love and acceptance so you could catch us coming through was an amazing idea and perspective. You are brilliant.)

To Emery, of Cuts on Line, thank you for beautiful hair, your generous gift, and your open heart.

To all who cleaned up, huge thanks: the master mop operators, the careful recyclers and pickup owners, happy to load up the odds and ends. Christina, Jacque, Bruce, Bob, Joyce, Kenny and other strong ones, we saw you helping and many thanks. It takes a village to clean up.

It was truly a lifetime highlight walking through the human arch of love and acceptance. To all the broom jumpers, all the celebratory dancers and arch makers, your love and support are tenderly held.

Some have stopped us on the street since, asking if we can make this an annual activity, as not a bad idea to celebrate and be reminded of love, acceptance and equality on a regular basis.

Sadly, before you received this message, our nation lost the right for all couples to marry in California on Nov. 4 with the passage of Proposition 8. You can stay tuned at,, and for ways you can help fight this discrimination. So we may need to do that arch of love and acceptance again and again, letting it grow until all are included and equal in our nation. (If any of you want to take the hub of planning the next one in Juneau, or one for your community, we'd be happy to consult with our expertise.) Perhaps we can have arches of love and support all over our state in 2009, or all over our nation.

Eighteen years ago, when we first married in California with no legal significance or recognition, our Dads were still alive and one of them said:

"What we wish for you, is that barriers will fall away for you and people like you and that you may have all the love you have for one another reflected back to you, all the days of your lives."

His words were a cherished perfect wedding gift, and now, dear Juneau friends, and supporters and family, you have given us a perfect reflection of that love, a very powerful gift, keeping the words of Frank Longworth alive and believable, even at this very tender time. Thank you.

We thank all of you. We have left out many names only because it is impossible for us to name each of you. We are grateful to all of you.

Maureen Longworth and Lin Davis ("Mo and Lin")


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