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Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Everyone had a strong opinion about Gov. Sarah Palin's run for the White House. I've received hundreds of e-mails from people both praising and condemning her in recent months. For your reading pleasure, here are two of my favorites that recently came in.

-Charles L. Westmoreland, managing editor

Thanks for loaning us your governor

Alaska, thank you for raising up Sarah Palin and loaning her to us for the past few months. We needed her so much.

Her matter-of-fact honesty and infectious vitality gave hope to those of us who had given up believing that a "people's candidate" could ever truly exist outside of a speechwriter's imagination.

She was a clear voice of reason, firmly but calmly warning of the dangers our nation faces, and forthrightly delivering a challenge to not remain passively idle as the foundation blocks of our nation are removed right out from under us.

Sarah could pop the balloons of self-puffery lofted up by her opponents, yet do so with a wink and a smile.

When the press tried to put up clouds of defamation against her children, the radiance of her love for every member of her family pierced like welcome sunbeams through those clouds.

We were awed by her ability to keep her bearings and remain true to her destination even as she was being lashed by the constant storm of criticism poured on her by the media.

It was your land, your people, and your way of life that trained her up to be able to do that. Thank you, Alaska.

Do we love her and look forward to seeing her again on the national stage? You betcha.

Mike and Nancy Sharman

Reva, Va.

'We should give y'all back to Russia'

Your governor thinks Africa is a country. Your governor uses Alaska state and McCain funds to enrich her family. Your governor and the first dude are money-grubbing NUTS.

I guess it's to be expected, since Alaska re-elected a FELON for the U.S. Senate.

Alaska seems to be like the Middle East, where everyone's on the take and only out for him/herself. In that case, how can Alaska claim to in sync with the U.S.?

I think we should give y'all back to Russia. Your state's political/ethical behavior is more in line with Putin.

Linda Jenkins


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