Israel shouldn't face nuclear threat alone

Posted: Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank you for your November 6 editorial, "Juneau's role in promoting peace in the Middle East."

Although it is to be hoped that both divestment and sanctions will deter Iran, Isarel has learned through bitter experience that the ravings and incitement of anti-Semites cannot be taken lightly.

The state of Israel should not be alone to face the threat of annihilation by Iranian Jihadists, whose hatred extends to all "infidels," Jews and Christians alike, and to the United States.

Despite the naive views of President Obama, the war against Islamic radicalism continues. As Sept. 11 and the recent event at Fort Hood, Texas, conclusively demonstrate, this war is not only a problem for Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel, but powerfully threatens the United States and the entire Western world as well.

Samuel Appelbaum

Los Angeles, Calif.

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