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Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Title and firm: Mike Collins, partner with son Daniel in Grizzly Products, a new product line at Archery Outfitters.

Services: Collins and his son make and develop archery products.

The two archery accessory inventors started tinkering in their garage with ways to improve their archery skills by developing accessories to steady aim and otherwise improve their shots.

From this they developed more than 20 archery product ideas and merchandise including a stabilizer that mounts on the front of the bow.

The stabilizer the two developed takes the torque and vibration out of the strings, allowing an archer to keep a steadier aim on his or her target.

Other inventions and ideas are string silencers, peep sites, accessory rubber handles and paper tuning stands.

Quotable: "We would just kind of make these things in our garage for our own use and test them on our own bows. Then we got the idea to sell them," Collins said. "But I've been in the hobby of archery for 20 years and I've raised my kids in it."

Background: Collins and his family have lived in Juneau for six years. He came here from California where he was a drywall contractor.

Since he has been in Juneau, he has continued in the drywall business, operating C&C Interiors. He said he will continue to work drywall until the archery business on the side "takes up and runs away."

Collins said he has been an archer for more than 20 years and has raised his kids to know how to wield a bow and arrow as well.

Family: Mike Collins lives with his wife Margaret. They have four children: Daniel, 29, Michael, 26, Paulette, 20, and Sarah, 19. They also have six grandchildren.

Contact information: Grizzly Products are sold at Archery Outfitters located on Long Run Drive in the Mendenhall Valley as well as by phone at 789-5246.

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