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Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I appreciate Mr. Cornwell's comments in Sunday's Empire but disagree that it would cost more to deport aliens (who are from the current terrorist nations) than to use those resources to fight terrorism as they live among us.

If these so-called "sleepers" are allowed to saturate our communities while posing as our friends, it will be like finding needles in a very large haystack, which will incur much higher costs in the long run, not only financially, but in the loss of precious lives and tremendous suffering.

I agree that some of the terrorists may actually include American citizens, however, as Laurie Tinney stated in her letters, by deporting aliens from terrorist nations, there would be an immediate drastic reduction in terrorist acts as it appears that more than 90 percent of the terrorists, since Sept. 11, were aliens from the Middle East. It would be impossible for any country to wipe out 100 percent of terrorist attacks but, wouldn't it be a blessing to not have to worry about it happening so frequently in such large magnitudes?

Mr. Cornwell disagreed that Osama bin Laden has counted on our "American ways" to achieve his goals. Quite the contrary! It is obvious that bin Laden and all his "thugs" have used our freedom, civil rights, friendship and "open arms" as lethal weapons against us.

It would make the war on our own home-front much safer if we were not infiltrated with so many aliens from abiding hostile countries. Unfortunately, it's extremely difficult to tell "who's who" and how many more people have to die while we're trying to "sort them out?"

I'm very pleased to note that our government is indeed implementing laws to make it much more difficult for immigrants (from these particular terrorist nations) to obtain visas and passports to enter our country. And, how do you think our government is detaining all those aliens (so quickly) in connection with the Sept. 11 and other terrorist acts? They are going through all the visas and passports connected to immigrants (including students) from the Middle East! It has to be done as things have changed since Sept. 11, 2001.

William Thomas


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