Rules of the road

Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I am sure everyone agrees with Art Chance that airport security personnel ought to treat passengers with courtesy. I also happen to think that airline and security personnel are doing what they can right now to ensure the safety of Mr. Chance, and a few others, while working under a great deal of pressure. Unfortunately, in the case of his Nov. 12 letter, we had to read through several paragraphs devoted to Art Chance and his snide put-downs of others before reaching the writer's ostensible point.

First we are informed that Mr. Chance has flown more than 1 million miles on Alaska Airlines. Then we learn from him that he is a fearless flyer. Paragraph three enlightens us about the impressive Chance family lineage in America since "before it was America." While imparting these impressive facts, Mr. Chance slams "yuppies," Alaska Airlines, its employees, and the education, qualifications, and finally the "archetype" and immigration status of security personnel. I detect a nasty undercurrent with regard to those last two, but that's another subject. Almost as an afterthought, Mr. Chance makes his plea for airport security personnel to "be nice."

Whether a passenger has flown a million miles or one, whether a passenger is as unafraid as Mr. Chance or scared to death of flying, whether a passenger's American heritage goes back thousands of years or none, and whether a passenger likes the looks or ethnicity of airline employees and security personnel is all completely irrelevant. Why is he telling us all of this? May I suggest that if Mr. Chance has been treated abruptly by airport security personnel, perhaps it is because his attitude is as apparent as are the "bone fides" he wears on his sleeve. Courtesy is a two-way street, and I'm guessing that a certain driver may need to review the rules of the road.

The letter was vintage Chance. We know because Mr. Chance gets a lot of ink in the Empire. How about printing letters from other voices offering constructive rather than destructive input in these difficult times?

Marc Olson


(We welcome letters, including "constructive" ones, but are not inclined to censor letters that advance unpopular views. - Editor)

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