Teach kids to make right choices

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, November 13, 2006

I wanted to send my appreciation to the writers and editors of the Hooligan for finally coming out with a paper geared towards opinion and entertainment.

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You know it's such a great thing when you have choices, choices to decide to pick up the Capital City Weekly or Hooligan, choices to decide to throw away what you don't want to read and choices to support businesses that are advertised in the Hooligan. Come on now people, use that thing in your head called a brain and make a choice. Don't ruin something for other people who make different choices than you do. My suggestion to Bea Findlay and Sarah Rensel: throw away the paper. Another piece of advice I'd offer is to let your children know that too they have choices and that you hope they make the right ones.

Heaven forbid that they read the Hooligan. What's going to happen to them? There are much worse things going on in this town that should have your attention than worrying about the what other people choose to enjoy for entertainment. When it comes to teaching kids to live "lives of service and selflessness," we can only hope that our guidance will lead them to make the right choices in their lives.

Raymond E. Paddock III


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