Dan Fruits paints his landscapes in the same way that they are intended to be appreciated: on a gut level.

Journalist to speak about soldiers who refuse to fight
Independent journalist and author Dahr Jamail will speak about American soldiers who have refused to fight in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at the University of Alaska Southeast.

Hearthside hosts annual holiday event, hosting local authors
Hearthside Books will present their third annual holiday event on Sunday at their Nugget Mall location, The event, held from 6-8 p.m., will feature local author signings, live music with Tom Locher, door prizes, refreshments and 20 percent off selected titles.

Folkdance workshop held this weekend at the Filipino Hall
Master teacher Lee Otterholt, of Laguna Beach, Calif., will conduct a weekend of international folk dance instruction beginning at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13, at the Filipino Hall, 251 South Franklin St. The event is sponsored by Juneau International Folkdancers.

Stephen Gray's current medium of choice is digitally manipulated photographs, but up until about eight years ago, the Anchorage-based artist was a bit of a Luddite. A photographer, Gray never made the switch to digital, choosing film for most of his 25 year career. In fact, he didn't even own a computer. But once he got one in 2001, the effect on his art was dramatic and liberating.

Nearly every day for the past quarter-century, photographer Hall Anderson has taken hundreds of photos. He's explored every corner of Ketchikan, camera in hand, capturing the bizarre and the beautiful, the dramatic and the mundane, and its all part of his job: staff photographer for the Ketchikan Daily News.

An unforgettable night at the theater
Ken Ludwig's "Leading Ladies" is a night of theater you do not want to miss. Two thumbs up, five stars, and hats off to Perseverance for this madcap production. Opening night, Nov. 6, was a magical evening of theater that I am sure will grow toward perfection with each passing performance.

Just in time for Thanksgiving...
Looking forward to your turkey dinner? Think twice. It's time, argues Jonathan Safran Foer, to stop lying to ourselves. With all the studies on animal agriculture, pollution, toxic chemicals in factory-farmed animals and exposés of the appalling cruelty to animals in that industry, he writes in "Eating Animals," "We can't plead ignorance, only indifference. Those alive today are the generations that came to know better. We have the burden and the opportunity of living in the moment when the critique of factory farming broke into the popular consciousness. We are the ones of whom it will be fairly asked, 'What did you do when you learned the truth about eating animals?'"

Perseverance pub trivia night combines libations, Shakespeare
What do Shakespeare, prizes, libations and Perseverance Theatre all have in common? The answer is the Pub Trivia Fundraiser being sponsored by the local theater company at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14 at the Rendezvous Bar.

Two hours you spend watching "The Box" is time you can't get back
T he two hours you choose to invest in "The Box," written and directed by Richard Kelly, are two hours you won't be able to get back. Of course, you can also choose to not invest those two hours in this movie. You could spend those hours instead, for example, cleaning the bathroom, jogging, reading, or whatever else you decide. It's up to you. Whatever you elect to do with that time, there are consequences.

New true life stories hit the shelves at the Juneau libraries
Let the life stories of movers and shakers and ordinary people make ripples in your world.

Arts & Culture calendar

Alaska on Paper
"Sometimes we're always real same-same"

Pianist Tutunov to perform at UAS Friday
The Nov. 13 Evening at Egan will feature pianist Alexander Tutunov, widely recognized as one of the most outstanding piano virtuosos of the former Soviet Union.

Shelther homeless in former school
If I was queen, I would tell the city of Juneau to open up the old abandoned Gastineau Elementary School in Douglas to all homeless people in the Juneau area. After all, homeless people were recently booted off Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. property, and the city really should take care of all its residents.

Young representing offshore interests
Representative Don Young does not want improved health care for Alaskans. H.R. 3962, also known as the Affordable Health Care for America Act, passed the House without his support, which indicates that he represents the only entities benefiting from the status quo: health care corporations and drug companies, instead of working Alaskans and their families that are trying to afford ever-increasing health care costs. He doesn't realize that many Alaskans who actually live here incur tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills to go south for emergency surgery or extended treatments.

UAS does in fact honor Veterans Day
I am always willing to admit when I make a mistake. I recently submitted an opinion piece accusing the University of Alaska Southeast of neglecting Veteran's Day. On the day the piece was published (Nov. 10), I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from the UAS Chancellor's Office.

Israel shouldn't face nuclear threat alone
Thank you for your November 6 editorial, "Juneau's role in promoting peace in the Middle East."

Give city's homeless a little more time
I was appalled to read in the Sunday edition of the Juneau Empire an article about homeless people being evicted from "The Hill," which is situated on Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. land.

City opens camp for homeless
The city has decided to keep its Thane Campground open through the winter, providing a legal place for homeless citizens to endure Alaska's coldest season.

Celebrating 101 years
Walter Soboleff has done a lot in his 100-plus years on Earth, but his family's gift of a cruise through the Panama Canal is something new.

Around Town
Today, Nov. 13

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials reported:

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials reported:

In Thursday's Juneau Empire, the Native American Heritage Month profile on A2 misspelled Walter Soboleff's last name.

Razing 'The Hill'
Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. employees razed the downtown homeless enclave known as "The Hill" Thursday.

Veterans Day ceremony fills Centennial and ANB Halls
A standing room only crowd of more than 200 observed Veterans Day at Centennial Hall on Wednesday to honor personnel who served or are serving in the military.

Influential legislator criticizes Anchorage office plan
An Anchorage legislator is calling a proposal for new offices for legislators in the state's largest city a "monument to legislative vanity" and urging instead they renovate and make do with their current space.

Around Town
Today, Nov. 13

Juneau school enrollment up for first time since '01
Preliminary counts indicate Juneau school enrollment has defied a downward trend for the 2009-2010 school year, meaning a possible $1.1 million increase in state funding for the district.

Photo: Snow sweepers
A snow covered Mount Roberts looms behind Carver Construction carpenters Mike Miller, left, and Brad Mitchell Thursday as they sweep snow from the roof of a house they arebuilding in Douglas.

Home builders gather in Juneau
Home builders and industry representatives meet in Juneau this week for the annual conference of the Alaska State Home Building Association.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials reported:

Native American Heritage Month Walter Soboleff
Age: 100.

Photo: Hand-fed
Maille Moynahan, 6, feeds a piece of bread to a duck Wednesday while visiting Rotory Park with her mother, October.

Photo: Apprenticeship advocacy
Mary Rodman-Lopez, employment security analyst for the Department of Labor & Workforce Development, talks about apprenticeship programs Thursday at an annual conference of the Alaska State Home Building Association. The three-day conference concludes today at the Baranof Hotel.

Around Town
Today, Nov. 12

Native American Heritage Month Gail Dabaluz
Age: 43.

Native American Heritage Month: Gail Dabaluz
Age: 43.

In Thursday's Juneau Empire, the Native American Heritage Month profile on A2 misspelled Walter Soboleff's last name.

Theodore John Smith Sr.
Juneau resident Theodore John Smith Sr. died of natural causes Nov. 8, 2009, in Juneau. He was 87.

Glen Edward White
Longtime Gustavus and Juneau-born Alaska resident Glen Edward White died Nov. 8, 2009, in Olympia, Wash. He was 80.

Bruce D. McHardy
Juneau resident Bruce D. McHardy died Nov. 11, 2009, in Phoenix, Ariz. He was 55.

Jessie Herrold
Juneau resident Jessie Gertrude Herrold died peacefully Nov. 2, 2009. She was 83.

Harold A. Arab
Former Juneau resident Harold A. Arab died Nov. 1, 2009, in Honolulu. He was 66.

James M. Hall
Former Juneau resident James M. Hall died Nov. 5, 2009, in Des Moines, Wash. He was 86.

Elisa Louise Weathers
Sterling resident Elisa Louise Weathers died Nov. 7, 2009, from heart failure at Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna. She was 58.

Virginia Beaumont Post
Juneau resident Virginia Beaumont Post died Nov. 3, 2009, in Bartlett Hospital in Juneau. She was 62.

Music as torture, federal incompetence on swine
A collection of news items humorous, outrageous, sickening, and bizarre - and really, none of them made up. ...

Sick day, sick pay
The following editorial first appeared in the Chicago Tribune:

Karzai government reaching out to insurgents (with US support)
KABUL, Afghanistan - The big story here, underreported so far, is the emergence of coordinated American and Afghan efforts to bring Taliban leaders and fighters in from the cold.

Veterans need our help
The following editorial appeared in the Washington Post:

We Muslims are looking inward after Fort Hood shooting
For American Muslims, the Fort Hood massacre is a crisis. There are open calls for a blanket investigation of Muslims in the military and even demands for a ban on Muslims serving in the armed forces.

Wood chip-heating solution is not backed by science
There have recently been stories in the news media touting plans by the U.S. Coast Guard to use biomass to heat federal government buildings. In his inaugural speech, President Barack Obama made a commitment to "restore science to its rightful place."

America feeling the cost of war
I thought I knew the cost of combat. I recommended plans to spend billions of dollars in Afghanistan from my desk at the White House Office of Management and Budget. But it was not until last month, as I stood on the tarmac at Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport in Connecticut watching my friend's flag-draped coffin come home, that I truly understood the price of war.

Running without roads
It's in a place often described as isolated where ultrarunner Geoff Roes trains daily. Tucked against the mountainsides and hugged by the ocean, those who live in Juneau know there's an end to every road, a summit to every trail and only two ways to get out of town; by boat or plane. So for a sport that requires hours spent logging miles, Juneau's small footprint may pose a problem. But not for Roes.

Trail Mix Auction to support future Juneau trail projects
JUNEAU - Trail Mix will host its annual gala auction and barbecue at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 19 at Centennial Hall.

Audubon Alaska finishes draft map of arctic area
Audubon Alaska completed a draft atlas of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas in August and is currently taking public comment on the project, according to a release on their website.

Earn a season pass through Hilary Lindh Scholarship
JUNEAU - Applications are being accepted for the 2009 Hilary Lindh Scholarship for school-aged children in Juneau.

Trapping season in Juneau: Take care with pets, be aware
Trapping season is upon us, and dog owners sometimes worry that pets might be caught in traps. This is highly unlikely in the Juneau area, but a few precautions can ensure the safety of even off-leash dogs on backcountry trails.

Woodpeckers supply services to various forest neighbors
When a woodpecker pounds on your metal downspout early in the morning, it is easy to feel uncharitable. And when one hammered a nice round hole in the side of the house, I was less than pleased.

Getting away from it all on Sheep Creek trail
I don't always agree with city officials on Juneau's trail priorities.

On the hook
Gary Hedges holds up a 24-pound salmon caught while fishing from his row boat in Tee Harbor during the 2009 Spring King Salmon derby. He later caught a 34-pound king salmon earning him a fourth place finish in the derby.

Out & About
Today, Nov. 13

Thousands of fossil fuel free miles logged this summer in Sitka
SITKA - People pulled out their bikes, walking shoes, bus passes, and dinghies, or conducted work over the phone and Internet to reduce their use of fossil fuels in Sitka this summer. Over 1,400 miles of no-gas/shared gas travel were tracked by 46 participants in the "Freedom from Fossil Fuel Fridays," or FFFF program, which ran from July through the end of September this year.

Doe closure on Chichagof Island extended to Jan.
JUNEAU - The Federal Subsistence Board has closed doe hunting on federal lands on the Northeast Chichagof Controlled Use Area portion of Unit 4 from Nov. 14 through Jan. 31, 2010. This extends the Sept. 14 through Nov. 13 closure implemented by the Hoonah and Sitka District Rangers.

FAA restricts flights near Elmendorf
ANCHORAGE - The Federal Aviation said flight restrictions will be in place for airspace near Elmendorf Air Force Base during President Obama's visit.

Murkowski to hold health care town hall
ANCHORAGE - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has scheduled a town hall meeting on health care reform for Wednesday.

Coast Guard rescues two of its own
KODIAK - A Coast Guard Air Station Sitka helicopter crew rescued two stranded Coast Guardsmen on Wednesday night after their 18-foot aluminum skiff was overtaken by waves while trying to get underway from Lincoln Island.

Fort Wainwright welcomes new Stryker commander
FAIRBANKS - Fort Wainwright has welcomed a new commander for its Stryker Brigade.

Hopkins wins mayor's race in Fairbanks
FAIRBANKS - Luke Hopkins has won the race for Fairbanks Borough mayor.

UAF gets $4.6 million for geothermal research
FAIRBANKS - The U.S. Department of Energy provided a $4.6 million grant to University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers who plan to study the energy-producing potential of a hot springs on the Seward Peninsula.

Anchorage receives more flu vaccine
ANCHORAGE - The city health department said more than 10,000 doses of swine flu vaccine will be allocated in Anchorage this week.

Chemical in well water prompts testing
FAIRBANKS - A refinery plans to test private water wells in North Pole to see if a chemical traveled via groundwater beyond its property line.

Studio settlement reported for fake movie news
FAIRBANKS - The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports Universal Pictures has agreed to pay $20,000 to the Alaska Press Club to settle complaints about fake news archives used to promote the move "The Fourth Kind."

Popular Fairbanks Thanksgiving dinner canceled
FAIRBANKS - A popular Thanksgiving dinner in Fairbanks has been canceled this year.

AEL&P to test dam sirens today
JUNEAU - Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. will test its Salmon Creek Dam emergency evacuation sirens at 9 a.m. today.

Man pleads guilty in cocaine case
ANCHORAGE - A 31-year-old Anchorage man has pleaded guilty in a federal crack cocaine case.

Passing the puck
As the Juneau-Douglas hockey team prepares for its second season in the Mid-Alaska Conference, the Crimson Bears face a period of adjustment as they try to fill the spots of six graduated seniors.

The foundation for the future of Falcons football
Thunder Mountain High School held its high school football awards banquet Wednesday night to celebrate the football team's inaugural season in the Southeast Conference and in Juneau.

Sports in Juneau

Colony sweeps Bears, JDHS shooting for 4th
Juneau-Douglas ran into a superior Colony team in the first round of the state volleyball tournament on the Thursday, and the Crimson Bears were bested in three games at West Anchorage High School.

Knights advance to semifinals
ANCHORAGE - As Colony prepared for the state volleyball tournament this week, the Knights had absolutely no idea of what to expect from their first-round opponent, the Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears.

Sports in Juneau

Photos: Hoops heaven
Halftime: Dzantik'i Heeni's Antonio EdAsas leads the team onto the court after halftime.

Obama given a hearty welcome at Elmendorf
ELMENDORF AIR FORCE BASE - President Barack Obama received a rousing welcome at Elmendorf Air Force Base on Thursday. Some 2,000 military troops and their families cheered as he saluted their service to their country and promised them the nation's support.

Native elder tells drilling proponents, 'Chill, baby, chill'
WASHINGTON - Call her "the other Sarah" from Alaska.

Parnell vows new focus on deferred maintenance
Gov. Sean Parnell says Alaska needs to maintain what it's got, but has instead been building new stuff while buildings, harbors, roads and ferries deteriorate.

Kenai Peninsula mayor opposed to hospital audit
KENAI - The mayor of the Kenai Peninsula Borough and several assembly members are opposed to an audit of operations at Central Peninsula Hospital that would have looked at a fatal shooting there last year.

Driver in Anchorage fatal crash charged with murder
ANCHORAGE - A woman with multiple DUIs on her record has been charged with murder, assault and drunken driving following a head-on crash that killed a man and critically injured a woman last week.

Palin confirms tension with McCain aides
NEW YORK - The rumors are true, according to Sarah Palin: The McCain-Palin campaign was not a happy family.

Masek starts corruption sentence in minimum-security Calif. prison
ANCHORAGE - Former Alaska state Rep. Beverly Masek has started her six-month federal prison sentence for corruption.

Fairbanks chamber backs Mat-Su rail plan
FAIRBANKS - The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce has endorsed a plan by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough and Alaska Railroad to extend track to industrial land near Anchorage.

Murkowski slams Democrats' health care bill
CHUGIAK - Sen. Lisa Murkowski told a crowd in Chugiak to make themselves heard in Washington if they want to stop the health care legislation.

Photo: Remembering all soldiers
MCPL. Jeff Baitman with the Canadian forces in Alaska, stands Wednesday by wreathes during a Canadian Remembrance Day ceremony at the Fort Richardson National Cemetery in Anchorage. The service is to remember Canadian soldiers who died in Alaska during World War II.

Tlingit flute player hopes to curtail pregnant drinking
ANCHORAGE - Morgan Fawcett knows the agony of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Ramras touts support for Juneau as capital
Lieutenant governor candidate Jay Ramras made his first campaign trip to Juneau on Thursday, but that follows many trips by the outspoken Fairbanks Republican as a member of the state House of Representatives.

Injured swan makes splash at sanctuary
LAKE STEVENS, Wash. - After a long flight from Alaska - by jet - Marshmallow the trumpeter swan had plenty of energy left when she arrived at a private wildlife sanctuary.

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