Murkowski slams Democrats' health care bill

Posted: Friday, November 13, 2009

CHUGIAK - Sen. Lisa Murkowski told a crowd in Chugiak to make themselves heard in Washington if they want to stop the health care legislation.

The Republican told a Wednesday night town hall that the Democratic bill is too big and complex.

The Anchorage Daily News reports most of the crowd of about 150 people at Mirror Lake Middle School agreed.

"This is a monstrosity," said Harry Young of Eagle River, who said he served 26 years in the military. "It's spun so far out of control. It's about security for the Democratic Party."

Ed Singer of Chugiak, a retired teacher, predicted a mass exodus of businesses out of the U.S. if health care bills like the ones being considered in Congress pass.

George Hines, a disabled veteran and a journalism student, asked where in the Constitution it says the government has a right to be in his health care.

"I agree. The government doesn't need to be in the insurance industry," Murkowski said.

She favors smaller bills that would allow more people to join insurance pools, allow people to purchase insurance across state lines, and guarantee insurance to people with pre-existing health problems.

"We can do this incrementally," she said.

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