Longliner sinks while tied up at dock

Posted: Friday, November 14, 2008

KETCHIKAN - A commercial fishing boat tied to the Trident Seafoods processing facility dock in Ketchikan sank on a rising tide.

The boat sank Tuesday because the crew failed to attend to the lines as the tide came up.

On Wednesday, only the bow of the 58-foot Adak-based longliner remained above the water of Tongass Narrows.

The vessel had stopped at Trident's NorQuest/Silver Lining dock to load up on ice for ballast.

At some point Tuesday night, the tide still was rising toward its eventual 15.2-foot high when the only crewman aboard woke up. He found the boat listing and straining at its mooring lines.

A crane was to be brought in to raise the ship.

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