Tax break for seasonal jewelry stores unfair
The City Assembly is now in the process of voting to continue to provide the many seasonal out-of-town jewelry stores on South Franklin Street with a significant tax break. This is not fair and this is not good for Juneau.

Vet board should reinstate Jayne
I attended the Alaska Veterinary Board meeting on Oct. 29 in Fairbanks to discuss the need for more veterinary services in the villages and to show support for Dr. Eric Jayne, who helps rural Native people.

Possibility of reopening AJ Mine surprising
I was surprised at the prospect of even discussing the re-opening of the AJ Mine.

Paganinis on paper
Glacier Valley Elementary School's kindergartners assembled in the gym with parents and others eager to see the students play their paper violins this week.

Red Dog owner challenges city's assessment methods
A disagreement has erupted between a business owner and the City and Borough of Juneau concerning the assessment of land values.

Photo: Early morning construction
Construction crews work early Friday morning on the breakwater near Taku Fisheries.

Police & Fire
Editor's note: A daily report for Friday from the Juneau Police Department was not available at press time.

Refashioning clothing: an untapped opportunity in Juneau
Editor's note: This is the first installment of a two-part series on local textile recycling. Look for part two in December's Neighbors section.

Thanks for making way for dancers
On Nov. 5, the Git-Hoan Dance Group traveled to Juneau for special performances to honor Native American Heritage Month. Auke Bay Elementary School is grateful and honored by the help and willingness of the Sealaska Heritage Institute and the Git-Hoan dancers to provide an opportunity for Auke Bay students to experience this extraordinary performance. We would like to thank Rosita Worl, president of Sealaska Heritage Institute, the staff at SHI, Sarah Dybdahl, Ralph Wolfe, Rico Worl, and Brian Wallace for their work in sharing such a treasure. In addition to SHI, our appreciation is also extended to the Rasmuson Foundation, Harper Arts Touring Fund, which partially funded the dance group's travel expenses. We thank Tlingit Elder Al McKinley, of Auk Kwaan, and his family for welcoming the Tsimshian Dance group to Auke Bay.

Hooray for Jeff Brown
Once again, the Master of Merriment reminded us to play in our daily lives. Friday night at the Alaska State Museum, my husband and I ducked in out of the rain, and there inside the front doors stood Jeff Brown, in his sport coat sparkling with puzzle pieces. I congratulated him on his show, and he quickly dismissed me saying the museum did all the work. We found ourselves gazing at the Arctic Winter Games display, following the path along the wall, staring at the life size photos, and stopping to try the get-the-holes-in-the-flat-piece-of-wood-to-line-up-with-the-pointy-end-of-the-stick game. The show provides a chance for Jeff to share his collection of Alaskana play art: the monopoly games, the ear-pull, and tons of other board games depicting geographical and economic features of our state through the ages. On the floor, little kids and adults moved the big slices of log checkers to trap their opponents in a corner. Smiles lit up faces old and young. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your wealth, and for your whimsical invitation to play at the Alaska State Museum.

Thanks for clearing brush
On behalf of the members and directors of Juneau's Gun Club, Juneau's Rifle & Pistol Club and Hank Harmon Rifle Range, we wish to thank Tim McLeod, AEL&P president, and his employee, Dale Sams, lineman/operator for providing their wood chipper, its operation and safety considerations. The power chipper was used in clearing and chipping all undesired alder trees and miscellaneous brush at the above referenced ranges on Nov. 7.

Volunteer Opportunity of the Week
Organization: Tiny Treasures Day Care

Photo: Safety in the skies
Wings Airways owners were presented with the Medallion Shield Award on Nov. 5. Pictured from left are U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, Dan Corson, Congressman Don Young, Holly Johnson, Mike Stedman, Gov. Sean Parnell and U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Record number of students volunteer for Day of Caring
"Volunteering releases endorphins, feel-good hormones. They are the same kind you release when you are eating chocolate or having sex," said Brenda Hewitt as she talked with University of Alaska Southeast students early on a Saturday morning. "It makes you feel happy and feel good."

Volunteer Firefighter of the Month
Capital City Fire/Rescue

Senior menu
Monday, Nov. 15

Gimme a Smile: Things I've learned the hard way
People always want to give me advice, to improve my life from the benefit of their greater wisdom (or their mistakes). It never seems to work. I have to make my own mistakes before I ever learn. Still, I'm going to ignore what I just said, and attempt to pass on my greater wisdom to you. Here's a short list of things I've learned the hard way.

Accumulated Fragments - Bartlett: the stories behind the name
Bartlett Regional Hospital carries a famous name. It was named after E. L. "Battling Bob" Bartlett, who was Alaska's territorial delegate from 1945-1958, and in 1959 became our first U.S. Senator. He died in office in 1968, but the name Bartlett goes even further back in Alaska history than that.

Alternatives for living in a smack down culture
We live in a very diverse nation and world where exclusion is a very common reaction to those with whom we disagree, dislike or don't relate to. Exclusion can be our reaction to homelessness, pro-choice, pro-life, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, criminals, substance abusers, race, size, age, gender, sexual orientation, wealth, poverty, manner of dress, pro-environment, pro-development, culture, religious preference, as well as physical, emotional, behavioral, cognitive or intellectual disabilities. The list is endless. Too often our response is withdrawal of love, concern, relationship or rejection. Our labels hinder growth and understanding.

Widowed Persons Program announces holiday program
The Widowed Persons Program is pleased to announce a special public program on "Grief, Loss & the Holidays." It will be held at 5 p.m. on Nov. 16 in the Mendenhall Valley Public Library conference room.

Historic Alaska panels get permanent home at Egan Library
On Nov. 6, Capital City Celebrations hosted a dedication reception for the nine historic panels created last year in honor of Alaska's 50th anniversary. The graphic display panels, created by Ron Klein and June Hall, were at that time placed permanently in the lower floor of the Egan Library at UAS.

Recent births at the Juneau Family Health and Birth Center:

The following students have been named in the first quarter honor roll at Floyd Dryden Middle School:

Thanks for supporting scholarships
On behalf of the Filipino-American Association of Juneau, I would like to thank the community of Juneau and the following individuals for their generous dessert and monetary donations at our seventh annual Scholarship Fundraising Dinner and Dessert Auction, held Oct. 9 at the Tlingit and Haida Community Center: Nanay Consuelo Maiquis, Gigi Kelly, Ampy Cruz, Lourdes Ebron, Rowena Frawley, Andrea Mogil of Pie in the Sky, Jo Dawson, Maria Andes, Amanda Webb, Loni Fermin, Cindy Eriksen, Tom and Abby of Abby's Kitchen, Tina Martin, Susetta Beattie, Nicki Germain, Jessica Eriksen, Rep. Cathy Munoz, Esper Beezely, Bob and Andrea Doll and Monica Stevenson.

John Eric Wood
John Eric Wood passed away in his sleep at home on Nov. 11, 2010 from complications with malignant melanoma.

JoAnn Mann
JoAnn Mann died Nov. 1, 2010 in Seattle. She was 53.

TOE cartoon

Eaglecrest's future is bright
As the snow falls up in the mountains, and the line of termination dust moves down closer to sea level, all skiers in Juneau become increasingly excited. It isn't just the approach of the winter season that is prompting happy thoughts, though, but also the great strides forward made at Eaglecrest over the past few years.

Outside editorial: Afghanistan: Never mind
The following editorial first appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Getting government out of health care? Yeah, right
There's a certain rational philosophical argument to be found in opposition to the Affordable Care Act if you really believe in a smaller federal government.

Propane heater explosion injures 2
FAIRBANKS - Two people in North Pole were injured when their propane heater system exploded.

Homeless shelter at full capacity
ANCHORAGE - Officials at the Brother Francis shelter in Anchorage say the homeless shelter has reached full capacity as the nights get colder.

Denali Park Road closes for the winter
DENALI NATIONAL PARK - The Denali National Park and Preserve is transitioning to winter with the closing of the park road.

Parnell to be sworn in Dec. 6
JUNEAU - The swearing in of Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell will take place next month in Juneau.

Bethel pastor pleads guilty to sex abuse
BETHEL - A Moravian Church pastor in Bethel has pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of a minor, striking a deal with prosecutors that drops all counts but one.

Authorities seek help in fugitive hunt
ANCHORAGE - Alaska authorities are looking for two fugitives wanted on forgery and theft charges.

Stars too much as Bears open 10-game homestand
Crimson Bears hockey coach Dave McKenna said he wanted his team to face difficult competition this season in preparation for the playoffs, and Juneau-Douglas got exactly that this weekend.

Photo: Mighty mites
Some of the Juneau-Douglas Ice Association's Mites play an exhibition game during the first intermission of the Juneau-Douglas High School game Friday night.

Photo: Let it rain
Glacier Swim Club's Thane Reishus-O'Brien duels Sitka's Baranof Baracuda Evan McArthur in the 13-and-over 200-yard backstroke Saturday during the 2010 November Rain Invitational Swim Meet at Augustus Brown Swimming Pool. The finals are today.

Murkowski edges closer to victory
With nearly 90 percent of write-in ballots counted, Lisa Murkowski's vote total closed to within 4,400 votes of Republican nominee, Joe Miller, as the incumbent U.S. Senator looks all but certain to retain her seat.

Miller: If math doesn't work, ballot fight unlikely
JUNEAU - GOP nominee Joe Miller won't spend a lot of time, energy and effort fighting over ballots in Alaska's still-undecided Senate race if the math doesn't add up in his favor, he said Saturday.

Palin's TV series a stage for political future?
ANCHORAGE - "Sarah Palin's Alaska" portrays the show's heroine as an adventure-loving wife and mother enjoying a whirlwind of activities amid spectacular settings in her home state. There are no overt clues to her future political ambitions.

Mother charged in death of 3-year-old
BETHEL - A drunken woman in the Southwest Alaska village of Quinhagak apparently beat her 3-year-old son to death, according to an affidavit filed in Bethel District Court.

Kodiak facility plans Nov. 19 launch
KODIAK - The Kodiak Launch Complex has its first launch in almost two years Nov. 19, and it's a new type of launch.

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