Hooray for Jeff Brown

Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010

Once again, the Master of Merriment reminded us to play in our daily lives. Friday night at the Alaska State Museum, my husband and I ducked in out of the rain, and there inside the front doors stood Jeff Brown, in his sport coat sparkling with puzzle pieces. I congratulated him on his show, and he quickly dismissed me saying the museum did all the work. We found ourselves gazing at the Arctic Winter Games display, following the path along the wall, staring at the life size photos, and stopping to try the get-the-holes-in-the-flat-piece-of-wood-to-line-up-with-the-pointy-end-of-the-stick game. The show provides a chance for Jeff to share his collection of Alaskana play art: the monopoly games, the ear-pull, and tons of other board games depicting geographical and economic features of our state through the ages. On the floor, little kids and adults moved the big slices of log checkers to trap their opponents in a corner. Smiles lit up faces old and young. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your wealth, and for your whimsical invitation to play at the Alaska State Museum.

Sally Donaldson

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