JDHS parking problems

Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2001

JDHS students are suffering. Parking for students at Juneau Douglas High School has turned into a major dilemma. Students shouldn't have to drive around the periphery of the high school for 15 minutes every day trying to find a spot to park. The average student at JDHS parks three blocks away from the high school, however, if a parking lot were provided, students would spend less time worrying about being tardy, which could lead to suspension, and other penalties that could effect the main purpose of school (which is learning). By building a parking garage, developing a lot across the highway, or by purchasing property across the street, parking for students at JDHS would no longer be a scarcity.

Parking lots could be built in a high-rise parking garage, and the school board could sell out spots to students. If the school made a high-stacked parking garage, they could charge students for each individual spot, that way some of the money could be reimbursed. The garage could consist of four different stacks, each with about 80 parking spaces. Seniors would be entitled to the first two rows, juniors would have the third row, and sophomores to the fourth. The garage would have approximately 320 spaces. Every student might not have a place to park, but it evens out a lot because the large majority of freshmen don't drive.

Parking lots could be developed across the highway. Fund-raisers could be made for parking lots across the highway. The school could buy out the lots, because students park there anyway. The lot could be re-surfaced and designed to fit more spaces.

Spaces could be bought by students for around $50 a spot (lasting all year). If the lot held 200 cars, that comes to around $10,000.

A parking lot could be easily established across the street, if the school bought property. I am aware that people live across the street from JDHS, however, if the school board (with the help from sponsors) could offer home and business owners a fair amount of money for their property, we would have a nice-sized parking area. This is one of the several options for developing a student parking lot. The parking area across the street would be convenient, and resolve all conflicts with the parking issue for JDHS staff and students.

As long as building and developing parking for students is delayed, students will continue to be ticketed, charged with unnecessary tardies, and be forced to spend school time searching for available space. All of this can be avoided and solved by some kind of a parking lot for students. Hopefully in the future the school board will do something about this growing problem.

Julie Smith

JDHS student

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