Cheers for the left

Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2001

Bravo! Jackie Forster's My Turn documenting US-backed massacres committed by its University of Americas alumni in the Americas, was a truly mastercrafted and scholarly contribution. I leap out of exile to support you, Jackie! Right on, sister. Do wake up, Mr. Schmitz.

Let's put a couple of myths to rest about "leftists," shall we? Your reference to those leftists "sharing, caring and being frightened here in Juneau" is only half-right. Naturally, leftists care and share in this town, but you are mistaken when you say they are "frightened." Leftists do not fear foreign countries or cultures; nor are leftists in perpetual paranoia about "an enemy." We believe in negotiation. Given the opportunity, leftists advocate simple living, the pursuit of happiness, accessible land rights for families and environmentally respectful businesses, social justice issues and the preservation of peace internationally. Mr. Schmitz, you are deceived, or you don't understand, or genuinely fear leftist theories and practices dated and present. Perhaps you're not one to educate yourself either? Only children play at war, Richard, and it's always make-believe.

Fact is, there is now the dreadful probability of nuclear warheads launched by who-knows-who falling short into the ocean, killing all marine life and contaminating international water supplies instantly and in perpetuity. Or perhaps they'll hit their intended targets and major American cities will fall. Hence, my motivations for peace do not come from a place of fear, Mr. Schmitz, but common sense. Indeed, leftists protect "democracy" more so than a fraternity of gutless tycoons.

Surely in our democracy, Mr. Schmitz, a ballot is in order to poll American citizens about the objective and focus of our course of war? The Netscape homepage poll does not count. Put it to a vote: Do we handle this crisis under exclusive military command, a deadly and aggressive campaign in its fifth week, or do we pursue an immediate cease-fire to confront the Taliban/Al Qaeda in a neutral zone, with an international tribunal? Do we have any more right to bombard a country, its capital, its mountainsides, and its infrastructure in search of one revolutionary? It's high time a queen or first lady represents the American people anyway. Thanks for stepping up, Jackie.

Take a back seat, Mr. Schmitz. There's perhaps a fresh copy of Pizan's "The Book of the City of Ladies" at Rainy Day Books to quell your inessential views on destructive, deceptive, retentive ethics in right-wing patriarchy. Bask in the allegory and archive of women's leadership and great spans of peacetime in history. You might even support a leftist candidate in the next election, and add years to your life.

Chris Joy


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