A harebrained excuse for not building road

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, November 15, 2004

Keep the RVs out? I've heard it all (letters to the editor, Nov. 10). Now that's a harebrained excuse for not building a road. Let's not build it because people with RVs will use it to invade our city and overuse our resources. Do you not want tourists to come to Juneau? And about the waste generated by RVs ... do you expect visitors to hold it until they leave your city?

Yes, I'm one of those that would invade by motor home. At present, I do not consider RV travel desirable in Alaska due to the very long trek along the Alaska Highway and the high cost of the marine highway, but hopping along the coast (future road system) is very desirable to me. I spent five months in Sitka earlier this year and enjoyed it very much. Folks in Sitka share the same concerns when it comes to the suggested changes brought about by the proposed new road system.

My concern for you, as a visitor, is this: The world is changing. Perhaps not all to the good but it will change nonetheless. Things that we take for granted - discounted airfare and affordable ferry passage - may all be under pressure in the near future. I would suggest, if it's not already too late, that you get your share of the federal highway funds and build out as much of the proposed coastal road plan as possible while you can still consider it a luxury instead of a necessity.

Ken Hardin

Glade Park, Colo.

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