Man behind wristbands is Murkowski's husband

Posted: Monday, November 15, 2010

JUNEAU - If Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski makes history and wins her write-in campaign, she'll owe husband Verne Martell a big thanks.

Murkowski spokesman John Tracy says the enduring image of her campaign - the rubbery blue wristbands, featuring a darkened oval and Murkowski's name - was Martell's idea.

The campaign produced 75,000 wristbands, which were intended to be a constant reminder of how to spell Murkowski's name and a sign of solidarity among supporters.

Murkowski is seeking to become the first U.S. Senate candidate to win a write-in campaign since 1954. She mounted the bid after losing the GOP primary to Joe Miller.

She's been winning around 89 percent of the write-in vote undisputedly as the hand-count of write-in ballots continues in her still-undecided race.

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