Seeking local trails for motorcycle enthusiasts

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, November 16, 2003

My family and I moved here from Washington. We brought our dirt bikes with us, only to find that there is absolutely no place to ride. They say the city won't open any trails for motorcycles to ride on. In Washington we rode on trails like the ones here with hikers and mountain bikers and never once had a problem due to the fact that the Stump Jumpers Motorcycle club that we belonged to spent two days a month working on the trails we used. All the people I've talked with that enjoy motorsports are more than willing to help with the maintenance of trails or any place the city would let us ride. Being forced to enjoy hiking, kayaking or biking is not my idea of freedom.

Are the trails in Juneau multiple use? If you like to ride a mountain bike or hike, yes. But if you like motorsports you are out of luck unless you have a snowmachine and it snows 12 inches. If you enjoy riding a dirt bike or four-wheeler, then you get to look at it in your garage because the trails around here are not multiple use. I have noticed in this town it's not what's right, it's who you know.

I've met a lot of people interested in motorsports and they love this country more than any the people who come up from the Lower 48 and would be willing to take care of any trails that the city would be willing to open. Like my good friend Tony who took two weekends of his time to fix Spalding Meadows trails so they would not hurt the muskeg with donated equipment and has yet to enjoy the trail. I'm sure all the greenies enjoyed the work and then protested against all motorized use. In my opinion the trails are not multiple use, they are real one-sided.

Loren G. Randall


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