My Turn: Understanding liberal elite

Posted: Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I am compelled to write a response to Mary Noble's letter to the editor of Nov. 7, because it is such an excellent illustration of the liberal mind. I am doing this for the benefit of all the young people out there and others who have not yet had the liberal mindset indoctrinated into their heads.

The liberal mind apparently has a problem with the truth and facing the facts. Unable to accept that 2.5 million more voters supported President Bush in 2004 than in 2000, the liberal mind would prefer to believe the dubious notion that voting machines had been nefariously tampered with. On the other hand, the elitist liberal mentality cannot allow for any sane person to take a contrary point of view, so these 2.5 million voters must have been duped. And liberals simply cannot accept a fact for what it is: more voters is just that, more voters. Spin is when you start discounting the hard facts by talking about population increases and voter turnout.

It also pains me to point out to an educator the fact that by winning an election, you win the right to govern. It doesn't even take a majority of votes, as evidenced by Clinton, who won election with just over 40 percent of votes cast in both of his presidential elections. All President Bush needs in order to govern as he sees fit is a majority of electoral votes, and his 51 percent of the popular vote over Kerry's 48 percent does not mean that Bush governs 51 percent of the time and Kerry governs 48 percent, as liberals seem to think.

I don't believe that President Bush did everything correct his first term. Although it was a noble effort on his part, trying to extend conciliatory gestures to the Democrats ultimately earned him no favor, and his attempt to be all things to all people only deepened the national debt. The American public will be much better served by a more stringent pursuit of the conservative agenda.

The liberal mentality is absolutely elitist, and any disagreement with their philosophy they label insanity. It is the liberal elite that defines what is politically correct, they say minorities cannot succeed without government intervention, and the poor will only be helped by taking from the rich, not by any effort of their own. This elitist worldview is so ingrained that the liberal even projects it onto the conservative: President Bush's agenda is not only stupid, he is too stupid to implement it himself, so liberals say we must have "conservative elites" like Cheney and Rove who are manipulating Bush like a puppet. The concept is so absurd it approaches the comedic.

And the only joy the liberal can find is mired in misery. So Ms. Noble hopes that the dollar will crash, etc. Liberals can only be happy in other people's misery, because then they can empathize and spend someone else's money, not to make the situation any better, but to make themselves feel better.

So, young people, that is how I see the liberal mind. You may adopt the liberal mindset for your own, and you just might feel better about yourself. Or you can join the millions (and growing) of Americans who reject the elitist, blind-to-the-truth, envious and joyless liberal mentality, and embrace the conservative outlook that encourages and enables you to achieve on your own merits.

• • Rick Thibodeau is a Juneau resident and parent.

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