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... and a request for identification

Posted: Wednesday, November 16, 2005

As I drove down Egan on my way to work, little did I know what was in store for me.

The roads were covered in snow. As I approached Sunny Point, I wasn't in control of my vehicle and slid off the road. Well, actually it is a little more complicated than that but in the end I had rolled my truck over and over and landed on the driver's side of my truck, suspended by my seat belt.

I was praying to my God, "Please don't let me die."

Juneau's finest were on the scene soon after I stopped rolling. I want to personally thank P.K., the EMT/paramedic who risked his life to bring me comfort and safety while the other city employees were trying to find a way to get me out of my vehicle. He treated me with respect and showed me the kind of care and empathy I needed at the time. He kept me safe from the thousands of shards of glass that covered the interior of my truck, provided me with a flashlight and came to the rescue with glucose when my blood sugar dropped.

When the top of my truck was removed in order to safely get me out, P.K also helped carry me to the ambulance and stayed with me all the way to the emergency room.

This man is a shining example of what serving the community is all about. Thank you so much for everything you did for me P.K.

The accident has left me dazed. I have found a new kind of respect for mother nature. There is one thing I need to find out. Before the police arrived, a man came to my truck. He had seen the accident and pulled over to make sure I was OK. He reached his hand inside my broken window and found mine. We talked and he calmed me with his words. I asked him his name several times on that cold morning, but I cannot remember. The entire time he talked to me, he never let go of my hand. I need to find out who this good Samaritan was and thank him face to face. When a total stranger goes out of their way to make sure a person in trouble is OK, they deserve to be recognized. Can you help me find this man?

Kimberly Gregg


... for making the ski sale a success

Thanks Juneau. Once again the annual Juneau Ski Sale was a great success. We would like to thank the following for their support in raising funds for the Juneau Ski Patrol and Juneau Ski Club: Centennial Hall, Eaglecrest, Nugget Alaskan Outfitter, Alaska Marine Lines, Boarderline, KINY/KSUP, Juneau Empire and the hundreds of volunteers without whose time and energy we would not be able to put on this great event. Special thanks to Mike and Sarah Satre, Bob Plumb, Gary Stambaugh, Margie Vandor, Susan Cox, Vince Wagner, Victoria Godkin, Mary Hakala and Alice Edwards and all our great volunteers for a job well done.

Sean Edwards

Ski sale chief

... for attending our season opener

The Juneau Symphony musicians and board would like to thank everyone who attended our season opener on Oct. 29 and 30. The Juneau Symphony applauds our young soloists, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins and Franz Felkl. We are very proud of you both!

We are indebted to BP, the concert sponsor, and to KTOO, the soloists sponsor. We also thank Community Schools and JDHS auditorium manager Lucas Hoiland; Hearthside Books for selling tickets; and KTOO for broadcasting our concert live.

Additional thanks are due to house manager Larry White and the large corps of dedicated symphony volunteers; Koren Bosworth and family for the wonderful reception; all the contributors and bidders in the auction; and all the Symphony supporters who opened their homes for our out of town musicians.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this concert such a success!

Kyle Wiley Pickett, music director, and Elizabeth Agnew, executive director

... for fundraiser help

Thanks to all for supporting the Bill Forrest fundraiser. With your help, we have so far raised more than $9,000 to assist Bill with his medical bills.

Thanks to everyone who attended, or tried to attend, the TGR film "Tangerine Dream" Nov. 5 at the Hangar Ballroom. Sorry if you did not make it into the show. Competition was fierce.

Thanks to Reecia Wilson of the Hangar for donating the use of the ballroom, Pat Race of Lucid Reverie for the use of the projector, and Tim Arness and the Printing Trade Company for printing movie and raffle tickets and all of our local and national sponsors. Also, big thanks to our movie volunteers Ben Higdon and Kanaan Bausler.

Mike Bartholow

Fritz Cove

... for returning my wallet and all that was in it

I would like to thank Irving for finding and returning my wallet to me with all its contents.

Romona Wigg

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