A road leading out of Juneau is inevitable

Posted: Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm sorry, but the road out of Juneau is inevitable. I remember when I was just a lad. North Douglas road was a one-lane dirt pothole. At night, you watched bears in the road by the garbage dump at Tee Harbor, and it was brutal driving to the Boy Scout campground. Loop Road glorified the word "road."

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Look at our roads now. We tend to, as a society, delay the inevitable, thereby increasing cost. You can count on it, just like the sun coming up in the east.

As far as national parks go, every one I know of has at least one road going through it. Build the road right up to the park boundary. And keep in mind that Democrats come and go, as do Republicans and park administrators.

At some point in time, all the powers that be will determine that the time has arrived to press on to Skagway and it will be a bonus that the road is all ready and waiting to fulfill that need.

Robert Cunningham

Former Juneau resident

Bellingham, Wash.

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