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Posted: Friday, November 16, 2007

Thank you for helping, supporting my son after he was assaulted

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With the most recent incident that happended to my son, being assaulted during a school sanctioned activity, I have to say that the community and their support is wonderful.

He incurred a head injury and loss of memory that landed him in the hospital doing an MRI, EEG, MRA, CT and numerous other tests along with a stay in ICU. He also will not be able to play his first Juneau-Douglas High School hockey game and has more medical tests to go.

What a horrible thing to happen to a kid who worked so hard to get here, to have his bubble bursted in just a few short seconds because another person made a wrong decision. A bad decision that I suppose could have resulted in an even worse situation than this.

But as a mother, the sadness in my son's eyes and the horror that was felt can never be forgotten.

This letter is to thank all the kids on his hockey team who made endless visits; his fifth-grade teachers and their husbands who visited; the girl friends who came and made him laugh; the parents who drove their kids over to the hospital so he could feel this comfort; the coaches, past and present, who have showed so much concern; and all the phone calls of concern and comfort that were made to my husband and I and my daughters.

Thank you to his doctors and the wonderful Bartlett Hospital staff - they were fantastic.

Mary Noreen


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