Change Juneau's economic course

Posted: Sunday, November 16, 2008

Right now Juneau has a golden opportunity to change course.

The popularity of the just-completed election resulted in many more people getting out to cast their vote than normal, and it showed in the election results. Many people in this town (old timers) have seemed to adopt the notion that it just doesn't matter anymore and don't bother to get out and vote in most of our elections.

We have been getting run over with the likes of a freight train by the very vocal "not in my back yard" anti-everything groups for years to the point that many have all but given up.

We could not have done any better with the local results then we did by getting Cathy Muñoz elected, but I don't think it could have happened without a good voter turnout. We need to remember just how important every vote is and make sure everyone's is out there to be counted. We can't let this opportunity pass by - we need to keep the ball rolling.

Now that the normally "silent majority" has finally gotten back to the voting booth, let's make something happen and keep our town going in the right direction.

We have another very important election coming up next year and people need to be ready to come back, place their vote, and start turning this town back to what we were before the "no" people came in and took over for us.

Our current mayor, Bruce Botelho has been so totally anti-development during his appointment that he might as well have SEACC (Southeast Alaska Conservation Council) tattooed on his forehead.

This kind of mentality is not only bad for Juneau, but bad for the rest of Southeast as well. With the just-announced resignation of our City Manager Rod Swope, now is the perfect time to start the process of finding someone who will take this town in the right direction.

Right now is the time to bring our town back to reality, prosperity and make it a place where our children can actually afford to stay and raise a family.

Brad Rider


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