Juneau hosts fight night

Crowd treated to 10 bouts and a knockout finish

Posted: Thursday, November 17, 2005

Roughhouse Friday Boxing at Marlintini's Lounge didn't disappoint fans as fighters provided plenty of knockdowns and a knockout.

Friday's card featured 10 bouts and an electrifying main event between light heavyweight Keaton "The Crippler" Gaines and mixed martial arts fighter Matt Davidson.

Davidson opened the fight by knocking Gaines into the ropes. Gaines fought back in the second round, forcing the referee to issue Davidson a standing-eight count.

Gaines struggled to catch his breath in the third round but did enough to earn the decision.

"My fault for being so winded," Gaines said. "I should of trained harder".

Gaines appeared to tire in the second round but maintained his quickness and had his arm raised in victory.

"(I) wish I could of done better for all the people who came out to see me," Davidson said. "I'm more of a MMA guy. It was a fun fight and I learned a lot from him."

Friday's lone knockout came via the right hand of Mike "The Wrench" Morris against Josh "The Unknown" Hintermeister.

"I meant to knock him out," Morris said. "I put my whole body into it like a freight train."

Morris sent Hintermister to the canvas 26 seconds into the third and final round with a right cross.

"The last thing I remember is I was looking up and I see lights," Hintermeister said. "Other than that, I had a bloody good time."

Steven Frank and Angoon's Walter "Showstopper" Brown kicked off the night with a heavyweight battle.

Frank earned a decision over Brown after the fight went the distance.

"I like to fight, win or lose," said Brown, who competed in his 14th career fight. "I enjoy the intensity. I enjoy pleasing the crowd and I show good sportsmanship."

Referee Joe Watts got a workout in attempting to control middleweights Jameek Cortese and Mo Solanti.

The fight nearly transformed into a wrestling match in the first round, as Solanti body-slammed Cortese to the canvas, prompting Cortese to attempt a counter-slam. Cortese also connected on a punch to Soltani after the bell ended the second round.

Cortese won the fight via decision.

"When the adrenaline gets pumping, the pre-fight instructions are hard to follow," Watts said. "That's why it's called Roughhouse."

In other action, heavyweight Justice "Cheesy" Cortese earned a decision over Kyle Nalan, while middleweight Mike Edenshaw avenged an Oct. 3 loss to Earl Wentworth. Newcomer Weston Whelchel also earned a unanimous decision over Westly Oliva.

Lightweight Julio "The Haitian Sensation" Gregoire earned his fourth-straight victory over Shawn "The Comeback Kid" Beaird .

After the fight, the two hung out with a couple of beverages while sporting gashing wounds over their brows.

In the lone women's fight, Desiree Marble earned a decision over Phillis Mills in probably the closest match on Friday.

"She got me in the first round, but I got her in the second and third," Marble said.

The next Roughhouse Friday Boxing event will take place Dec. 9 at Marlintini's.

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