Children are owners of own PFD checks

Posted: Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I applied for the 2008 Alaska Permanent Fund dividend check for my minor child in March. When the check was mailed to me, I endorsed it for my child, just as I had in all the years prior.

Later, the check was removed from my account by the Permanent Fund Dividend Division office because my daughter, who just turned 18 in June, wanted her check. I contacted Debbie Bitney from the division office to learn the check was issued to my child, now an adult, in her name, and that she was entitled to it. I had no control.

I explained that would mean I would be able to take my parents to court for restitution for the dividend issued when I was 18, to which she agreed.

So if you have been cashing your children's PFD checks, beware.

Tonya Eddie


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