Freedom not the only thing that isn't free

Posted: Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Veterans Day has come and gone. We were amply reminded throughout the day by numerous individuals and organizations that "freedom is not free."

But the political cartoon on the Nov. 11 Juneau Empire opinion page, showing Uncle Sam thanking veterans in front the a wall with the names on many countries inscribed on it, should remind us that not only is freedom not free, but neither are imperialism, neo-colonialism, protection of the interests of capital abroad, energy dependence, maintenance of global dominance and militarism, which we all too often were serving while we thought we were serving freedom.

This veteran could not help seeing Lockheed, Boeing, Halliburton, United Fruit, Dole, Standard Oil, UNOCAL, Bell Helicopter and so many others perched on Uncle Sam's shoulders.

John Dunker


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