Reduce road risks

Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2001

On a recent Saturday morning, a drunk driver on Juneau's Egan Drive almost hit one of our Mothers Against Drunk Driving members, who called 911 to report the incident. With no police officers in the vicinity, it seemed something more needed doing. A visit to the police station and the on-duty sergeant yielded a rich lode of information.

People can help to reduce risk and stay safe:

* If you see someone driving erratically, as if impaired, call 911.

* Describe the vehicle, with license plate number, especially the first three characters, and the driver, if possible. Do not attempt to get a closer look at the driver!

* After contacting the police, you can opt to contact Mothers Against Drunk Driving for additional follow up. The police can handle these call-ins several ways, and with Mothers Against Drunk Driving assistance, successfully investigate and prosecute offenders. You might even get that $100 reward.

Gene Miller,

Juneau Chapter President,

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

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