Proud of Alaska's balloting

Letters to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2004

Concerning some negative comments about Alaska's absentee ballots, I'm serving in the U.S. Coast Guard and am currently stationed in Portsmouth, Va.

In late October, I was on vacation to visit relatives in Florida. Two weeks prior to the presidential election, I contacted the Division of Election office explaining that I did not receive my absentee ballot before my departure and that I would be in Florida till Nov. 3. I requested a new absentee ballot be sent to my vacation address. Lo and behold, I received it well in advance of the elections and was able to get it back in the mail. I called the Division of Election office and it worked perfectly.

If some people are "ashamed" of their state because of this, than so be it.

I'm pretty doggone proud.

Brian Roby

Portsmouth, Va.

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