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Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2004

This letter is in response to Mary B. Goode's "Insufficient protection from bullets and traps" recent letter to the editor (Empire, Nov. 7). First of all, has Mary given any thought to the fact that trails are provided to prevent "going off trail to see what is there?" By going "off trail" you are destroying fragile ecosystems that took thousands of years to develop. Deer, porcupine, and other forms of life use these ecosystems to survive. Please use trails for their intended purpose, which is not following them into backcountry so you can "see what is there" off trail.

Second of all, your statement about supporting hunting smells a bit like John "Goose slayer" Kerry's (ha ha) claim of supporting hunting. It sounds false. Whether hunting or trapping are viable forms of making a living or not, it is a legal right to hunt or trap when carried out in a lawful fashion. If it is not carried out in a lawful fashion there are consequences for breaking the law.

Now to address "drunken men shooting at the water" in the Outer Point area. Are there never any "drunken women shooting at the water?" How can you tell when they are bundled up? Do you realize we have a proud, responsible population of women who enjoy shooting or hunting? As a responsible gun owner I would suggest you write down license plate numbers, descriptions of the culprits and call the police. Surely you own a cell phone. If not you seem to live in the area. Go home and make that phone call to our police department. It is illegal to discharge firearms when a person is under the influence of drugs. Writing to the newspaper is a good way to have your opinions heard but it will not prevent drunken people shooting at the water. Only responsible action by our citizens can help prevent unlawful, irresponsible behaviors with firearms.

Gregory Acres

Auke Bay

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