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Posted: Friday, November 18, 2005

In the world

• In 1923, U.S. Senator Ted Stevens was born in Indianapolis.

• In 1959, the first pulp was produced by the Alaska Lumber & Pulp Co. in Sitka.

• In 1964, record high tides combined with 3.4 feet of subsidence from the 1964 earthquake threatened to flood Seldovia with the high tide just 10 inches below the boardwalks. On the 19th, the water level reached 1 foot over the boardwalks.

• In 1970, an explosion of a natural gas pipeline supplying fuel to Barrow left the village without a source for heat and electricity. (Barrow has few oil-burning stoves and relies mostly on natural gas.)

In the nation

• In 1928, the first successful sound-synchronized animated cartoon, Walt Disney's "Steamboat Willie," starring Mickey Mouse, premiered in New York.

• In 1995, with no relief in sight from a budget impasse that forced a partial federal shutdown, the House rebelled against Republican leaders during a raucous Saturday session and voted to oppose formally adjourning the chamber until Monday. (GOP leaders put the chamber into recess anyway.)

• In 1999, 12 people were killed when a bonfire under construction at Texas A&M University collapsed.

• In 2000, George W. Bush's campaign fiercely attacked the hand-recounting of votes in Florida's presidential election, depicting a process riddled with human error and Democratic bias; Al Gore's lawyers defended the effort in papers filed with the state Supreme Court.

• In 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled, 4-3, that the state constitution guaranteed gay couples the right to marry.

• In 2004, former President Clinton's library opened in Little Rock, Ark..

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