Alaska needs a committed governor

Posted: Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin presents an interesting paradox. She is the governor of the state of Alaska and seems to want to be anything but. In her ambitious quest for national office, she had no qualms in disowning the southeastern portion of the state, ignoring her campaign rhetoric of support for our bridge. She has also embarked on a not-so-subtle dismantling of the capitol of Juneau, something she had promised not to do.

Since campaigning on her anti-corruption platform, it has been noticed that she and her family have bent some of the rules regarding influence of office, funding for family travel and whether she works at home or lives at the office. For an individual regaling us with the persona of the reformer of past corruption, she has made some questionable moves.

I do not begrudge her ambition, even though I do not agree with all of her stances. One thing I do believe is that if she is so interested in not being governor, then she should resign and pursue whichever office she thinks she should have. She ran for governor by making commitments and promises about what she would do and how she would conduct herself in office. I do not recall any pledges to pursue opportunities for higher office should they be more to her liking. I feel betrayed.

Palin needs to decide if she wants to be governor. She ran for the office and won the support of the people of this state. She needs to either stand behind that commitment or honorably declare she has other things she would rather do. This state needs a full-time governor who is willing to work for the best interests of the entire state. We do not need someone who is here to further personal agendas, sacrificing the needs of entire regions of the state in order to do so.

Robert Ziegler


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