On the contrary

Posted: Monday, November 19, 2001

Chris Joy's letter titled "Cheers for the left" is absolutely laughable! What cave do you live in, Ms. Joy? Are you not aware of what's been going on? Maybe you have set yourself apart from the attacks we suffered on Sept. 11 because you didn't lose any loved ones. Or, maybe you don't care about the abuse of women in Afghanistan since you don't live there. It wasn't us that started the war in Afghanistan ... even though we intend to finish it. You said "only children play at war and it's always make believe." Well, Ms. Joy, bin Laden's children aren't playing "make believe war," and they wouldn't hesitate to use their weapons on you! We don't know where you got your education, but war is the price we've paid in order to obtain and sustain our freedoms and liberties. You should thank God the majority doesn't share your extreme left beliefs ... or you could be walking behind the men, wearing a burqah, receiving a "lashing" every time you spoke out of turn or showed emotion.

You also stated that our actions of retaliation to an act of war that killed over 5,000 innocent men, women and children are to blame for the current threat of nuclear action from these terrorist (who have been planning to do this regardless). On the contrary, the only way to end this chronic threat is to destroy anyone who aids or harbors these terrorist networks. An extreme leftist like yourself does not agree with profiling, deporting or sealing borders, but thank God our government does (as well as the coalition), and hopefully will reduce the frequency and magnitudes of the violence that threatens our security by the "sleepers" amongst us.

Finally, it's ludicrous that you believe we can negotiate peace, compassion and logic to a group of evil, deranged fanatics that welcome death for the cause of killing innocent human beings.

So, Ms. Joy, I don't believe a very high percentage of true American folks will share your "extreme left" views, but at least you have the right to express you opinions - thanks to the veterans of the United States and its patriots.

Laurie G. Tinney

and Bill Gillette


(An earlier letter submitted by Ms. Tinney mistakenly was repeated in Sunday's Empire. - Editor)

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