Reduce probabilities

Posted: Monday, November 19, 2001

Don Smith, in his Sunday editorial, is right on the mark in identifying this new terrorist threat from birds. Someone needed to say it. Now, I know that anyone with some rationality knows that it is not all birds that need to be quelled. Only those radical ones that are bound and determined to destroy airliners as noted in the statistics. And I know that while these radicals must be stopped and disbanded, I also agree with those that ask the question "Why do they feel as they do?" What have we done to make these birds feel this way? How can we change to make them feel different? Maybe it is our lifestyle; maybe we need to consider how the birds live. The birds were here first; we have invaded their lifestyle. But why don't they want to adjust to our way of living? It's certainly an improvement over their old ways.

And I know that Don used nationwide statistics. Some would question whether there is a local problem with radical birds but, you know, you can't be too lax. One has to reduce the probabilities of occurrence whether or not they are high enough to be of reasonable concern. What does reason have to do with it? We must aspire to a perfect world. Juneau can't be that different? Can it?

Richard Renninger


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