Seeking middle ground

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 19, 2004

I laud the newly fair and balanced nature of the Empire's editorial stances and reporting and commend publisher Robert Hale in particular.

We live in exciting times, learning about and dealing with powerful issues on every level; local, state, national and worldwide and it's the duty of a free press to both illuminate these issues and to foster an open dialogue.

The Empire's previous publisher seemed to have breezed into town and assumed that the proponents of unfettered industrial tourism, minimal oversight of mining and an eternally subsidized pulp industry held the only opinions worth repeating. Juneau, however, is home to lots of folks with differing viewpoints, as evidenced by all our elections.

Despite florid argument from either side of any issue, the truth is most often somewhere in the middle, and I thank the Empire, under Hale's leadership, for searching for that common middle ground.

Philip Stewart


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