Follow zoning plan

Posted: Friday, November 19, 2004

Chuck Ramage's recent "My Turn" on increasing housing densities here in Juneau leads one to believe the very gates of hell will soon be opening to consume our fair town if we don't do as he specifies and rezone Juneau now. Nevermind the impacts rezoning would have on existing neighborhoods, schools, roads, and sewers. And please forget the notion that the city might actually have an obligation to follow things like comprehensive plans and current zoning rules. While you're at it, overlook the fact that the herald of all this doom and gloom is a realtor and may not have the purest of motivations for his message.

I do agree with Mr. Ramage on one point; we need action. We need to formulate and follow long-term zoning plans rather than rely on the piecemeal, arbitrary system presently in use.

Mark Kaelke


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