Juneau responds to the JDHS production of the 'Jungalbook'

Posted: Friday, November 19, 2004

If you had asked me last week what came to mind with "Jungalbook," it would have been the dancing Disney characters of Mowgli, Baloo and their peers.

Sadly, Rudyard Kipling's original story would have come second. I now have a refreshed perspective on the jungle, thanks to the Juneau-Douglas High School production of "Jungalbook," which, as my friend Gus Browning points out, is spelled correctly.

Reactions from Riverbend School students

A suggestion:

If you have no plans for the coming weekend, let me offer an entertaining and worthwhile suggestion. I attended Friday evening's performance of "Jungalbook." A must-see for all ages. The performances were as spellbinding as Kaa. This is a first-class, don't-miss production.

Beverly Harmon

Cool sounds:

I attended the play, "Jungalbook" on Friday. It was really special how the animals moved around. My favorite part was when Mowgli was scratching Bahgeera's back; it was a funny part. The sound of thunder was so real, it was neat. I enjoyed the play and think you will too.

Desiree Littlefield

Loud and clear:

I really liked "Jungalbook" because it was funny, interesting and it was good. I like all of the animals, and I liked the masks that they made. I liked that I could hear all the words loud and clear. I like how the characters moved a lot. I liked how the characters remembered their parts. I liked the effects and the costumes, but most of all I liked coming to watch the play.

LaShonda Cooper

Amazing dance:

You have to go see the production of "Jungalbook." My favorite part is when they did the dance and Mowgli turned from a baby to a young boy. The costumes were amazing.

Britini Weimer

Realistic masks:

I highly encourage you to go and see "Jungalbook." I think you should see "Jungalbook" because the animals were fantastic! The animals also had great dances. My favorite part was where the monkeys mimic Mowgli. They also had great effects with the river. My favorite animals in the play were the wolves because the masks were so realistic. The actors were all so loud you hear them. So, go and watch "Jungalbook."

Deborah Kasberg

Check out the monkeys:

In "Jungalbook" they kick, hang from a rope and dance. You have to see it really bad. Find out about Mowgli and Sherakhan. My favorite part was the monkeys.

Jauger Knapp

What a timely play on the issues our teens face. Identity, allegiance, and community are issues we grapple with our entire lives. It is effectively delivered in the choreography of the actors, particularly the panther Bagheera (played by Seneca Harper) and the monkeys. The clever use of masks provided individual identities, but beneath those masks one can see we truly are of "one blood." Sara Sayre's portrayal of Mowgli is strong and confident; the set design is beautifully simple.

So I encourage one and all to go spend an hour, be entertained, and come away with a timeless story. "Jungalbook" gives us another reason to be proud of our high school and its drama department; it gives one hope to see what this new generation can do. We all benefit from that.

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