Trot out the truth, for once

Posted: Sunday, November 19, 2006

Isn't it amazing how bigots rationalize their prejudices with a constantly shifting series of arguments? First, they claimed to oppose same-sex benefits because of the "sanctity of marriage." Then, when it sank in that equal employment benefits for equal work have nothing to do with marriage, they claimed to be carrying out "the will of the people."

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According to this theory, it's OK to discriminate if a majority of the population is bigoted. Now that the Supreme Court has made the common sense ruling that the tyranny of a prejudiced majority cannot validate discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation any more than it can on the basis of race, they trot out the tired old "separation of powers" and "activist judges" arguments, long ago used by racist Southern politicians, as if their biggest concern is to protect their legislative prerogatives. What obvious garbage.

Why can't they just admit they hate queers? They would have so much more credibility if they told the truth for once.

Paul H. Grant


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