Outsiders: Brady Ingledue

Juneau's outdoor lives

Posted: Sunday, November 19, 2006

Age: 21

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Occupation: Actor. "I'm currently in 'Red Light Water' on Perseverance's second stage, Phoenix. It runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and possibly might be held over. I am also going to act in 'Equus,' the last main stage play of the year. Equus is very heavy, its sort of about the restraints that society puts on the human psyche."

Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking. "I'm very passionate about hiking, camping and snowboarding. My buddy Levi Fiehler, who was sponsored and far better at the sport than I am, taught me the ropes of snowboarding. Also fishing, one summer when I lived in Anchorage, we went down to the Kenai river. It was pretty much combat fishing, wall-to-wall guys fly fishing. We would camp out and wake up early to beat the rush."

Favorite spot: "About 45 minutes past the Canadian border, there's a great snowmobiling spot. Sometimes it's a whiteout, so it can get scary. Other than that, its just a free-for-all. As far as you can see in any direction there are natural jumps that dot the landscape. With friends or relatives I enjoy playing snowmobile tag or racing. Another favorite was my grandpa's massive raspberry garden that was in his backyard. There was so many berries that you could just walk up and down the rows of berry bushes and pick and eat raspberries until you were full. Also, my Grandma used to make all sorts of desserts from the berries."

Favorite season to be outdoors: "Definitely summer. When I lived in Los Angeles, I was learning how to skimboard, which is where you ride the undertow out on a small board and catch the resulting wave back in to shore."

Favorite outdoor memory: "We had a basketball court in my backyard, and we used to chip the ice off of the court for hours in the winter so we could play pickleball. It was kind of a community court."

Best music for outdoor activities: "I really like Damien Rice. For running, I like Def Leppard; '80s butt rock also gets my heart pumping. AC/DC and Metallica also are good, Metallica is more for weight training, though. And CCR of course."

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