Humble beginnings for a local shooting club

Posted: Friday, November 19, 2010

The Juneau Gun Club is a private trap shooting club located at 0.5-mile on Montana Creek Road that is open to the general public for recreational trap shooting on Wednesday evenings and Sundays mid-day. Many in Juneau are unaware of the clubs existence. However, Trap shooting has been going on in Juneau (and Douglas) since the late 1920s, early 1930s as shown by early photographs at the Alaska State Library.

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Courtesy Of The Juneau Gun Club
Courtesy Of The Juneau Gun Club

The Juneau Gun Club was officially organized as a nonprofit Alaska Corporation in 1952. It first held its shoots in Juneau, west (out Egan Drive) of the current Douglas Bridge and later moved to an area near the Rock Dump. As Juneau grew, the need for a more remote area was obvious.

In the mid 1960s, JGC moved to the Juneau Airport area locating on the south side of the runway in one of the fingers that is now the Juneau Float Pond. Juneau International Airport growth came rapidly. Hence, the club had to find a new location in the late 1960s. First, the club moved temporarily to a borrow pit located on the south side of Montana Creek Road. Then known as the Green Construction Company's borrow pit, the site is presently owned by Coogan Construction and is used as an equipment storage area.

In the mid to late 1960s, JGC Club officers were also negotiating a land area lease with the U.S. Forest Service. The negotiations went well and a long-term lease was granted for the club's present site. The City and Borough of Juneau, as part of their statehood land selection right, later selected the general area of the Montana Creek drainage. CBJ honored the USFS lease and, in subsequent years, continued to honor and renew the club's land lease.

The club land area was surveyed and a trap shooting facility was designed and built by its members. Interestingly, the clubhouse was a liquor store owned by one of the JGC members and was originally located at the Mendenhall Mall. He gave the building to JGC and it was moved to its current location in two pieces. It has since been remodeled (several times) and the grounds and traps improved.

JGC sponsors many events. Some of which include regional and national trap shooting events. Some regular events are as follows: Second Saturday of the month registered shoots, a Legislative 3-Gun Shoot, assistance with Alaska Department of Fish & Game instruction on wetlands hunting, Floyd Dryden Middle School Gun Safe Event, the Jim Brooks Memorial Doubles Shoot, the Tom Freeman Memorial Single Shoot, the Thanksgiving Turkey shoot and the Ten-Week Winter League Shoot.

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