Turkeys don't count in this year's Thanksgiving Day Bird Count

Posted: Friday, November 19, 2010

JUNEAU - The 2010 Thanksgiving Day Bird Count will take place Thursday, Nov. 25 and is organized by the Juneau Audubon Society.

According to a posting on the organization's website, this count is a great opportunity for citizen scientists of all ages to contribute valuable data to scientists.

Not only is it easy and an event for all ages, but also participants often find themselves having a bit of fun.

Here's how it's done: Take one hour to count all the birds that visit a count circle in a 60-minute block of time. The participant selects the time of the count and a 15-foot diameter count circle. For example, the count circle could be located around a bird feeder that is visible from a window. The participant then records their observations.

There will be another bird count in December.

For more information or to download a bird count form, go online to www.juneau-audubon-society.org.

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