Business Profile: Dana Ruottinen

Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Title and firm: Dana Ruottinen is a hair stylist who was recently rehired by First Impressions Hair Salon.

Services: First Impressions has two stylists: Owner Kathleen Donohoe and Ruottinen. The salon offers hair cuts, color and permanents. "I go out to school (for further education) every other year or so," Ruottinen said. "I've been in town 20 years as a stylist, and most customers know me for my highlighting."

Cellophanes are still in vogue as a highlighting method, Ruottinen said. "At First Impressions, we use a low-alkaline, low-ammonia, low-peroxide treatment for highlighting. It gives you lots of shine."

Background: Ruottinen, who did not want to disclose his age, served in the Navy on the USS Vulcan, a repair tender. He trained as a hair stylist 20 years ago, and recently worked a year at Shear Design. Before that he worked at First Impressions, where he has returned.

Quotable: "The highlighting process has been pretty much the same since I learned how to do it. You don't fix what ain't broke."

Family: He has family in Arizona and New Mexico. "I was a Coast Guard brat so we moved every three years. I was born in Michigan and graduated from high school in Cape May, New Jersey. Juneau was my Dad's last tour of duty before he retired and then my folks moved down south to the desert."

Hobbies and recreation: "Everybody knows that I Iike Karaoke singing at the Viking," Ruottinen said. During the dark months of the year, he also finds that regular visits to a tanning salon make him feel more cheerful.

"I like to watch programs like 'Will and Grace' and 'Law and Order,' but I don't watch much television. I cook a lot, I hang out with my friends - and I work," he said, summing up.

The future: "I am going to try fishing just once to see if I want to do more."

Contact information: First Impressions Hair Salon is located at 2 Marine Way, Suite 111, on Merchants Wharf. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, and on Saturdays by appointment. Call 586-3665 for details.

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