Fantasy vs. reality

Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Since the events of Sept. 11 the Empire has run several letters from Chris Joy, all of which carry the same simpering, contemptuous tone. Her basic premise apparently is to expand problems through the condemnation of resolve. Through her lines I see a disoriented liberal whose agenda has been compromised due to a shift of public opinion in the arena of nationalistic pride. Suddenly the pandering of special interests has dramatically declined while sensible priorities take the stage. Thus, she is beside herself because we have decided to spend our resources on getting even with those who started this, and there is little that she and her troop of ideologues can do to stop it. Beyond her funky world we now find ourselves adjusting to unfamiliar logic that generally occurs naturally with reality. We shatter the myth of hate and by definition, return it to its orginal form, forgotten perhaps two generations ago. This is America and indeed we are permitted to hate. That's right, hate any society that is hell-bent on killing every one of us and we will hate them with absolutely no regard for their race, creed, or state of affairs. They have worked tirelessly to achieve enemy status and now they find themselves in the red zone. In short, they are about to eat it.

President Bush is flawlessly executing all of the right moves, from the relentless bombing campaign to the installment of a military tribunal. I, like millions of other Americans look forward to his excellent leadership for seven more years. That, we can count on.

Perhaps in Dorothyland, war cannot be waged untill it is put to a vote and the queen gives her exalted approval. Needless to say, the line between Chris Joy's fantasy and our reality is far too thick for any sound thinking individual to stumble across. Indeed we have put waging a war up to a vote. It was put up last November when each ballot was cast for the president and in the case of many other states, members of Congress. Perhaps it may sound ridiculous to Chris Joy but we elect these people to make these decisions for us and what they do is generally indicative of our collective desires, thus, we have democracy and we intend for it to be defended at all costs.

Larry R. Leap


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