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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 20, 2003

You know, I was not going to write any more letters, as they never do any good anyway, but oh my God! I cannot let the letter from Trevor League (Nov. 18) go. I mean if this is not homophobic, what is? And sanctity of marriage? Please. Some of the worst people I have ever met in my life were heterosexuals (married).

Get off the box and get with the times. And before you have a chance to bring religion in to this: God made everyone, including same-sex partners, and he is cool with it. So what is your problem?

"The unwilling the foundation of which this country was built." Hmm, let's look at this for a moment shall we? This country was built by murdering and stealing land from the people who really owned it: the Native American Indian (who, by the way, accepted gays in their society as special people and cherished them just the same as any other human being), something we as whites just can't quite get the hang of. So if accepting people for who they are is "unwilling the nation," I say "Amen" to that.

To me "moral decay," as you call it, happens when people like you try to force everyone else to think their way is the right way and the only way, and brother do you have it wrong. Get a grip and take the narrow-minded blinders off. If only for the sake of your children, show them it is all right to respect all people for who they are.

Bobbie Haffner


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