Careful with the BB gun

Posted: Sunday, November 20, 2005

A new kid fad in Juneau is a product called an "Airsoft Gun." It fires a plastic BB at a supposedly safe velocity. It is assumed these weapons are not powerful and therefore kids exempt themselves from gun safety practice with this product and play army to their hearts' content.

It is also capable of completely shattering a kid's tooth, as my wife and I had to learn this week. My son spent the day at an oral surgeon having the remains extracted. While I feel like a complete idiot for the parental lapse that allowed this weapon into my kid's environment, I am thankful to God that the projectile that my son's best friend fired was not an inch and a half higher. I am writing this to give a community "heads-up" on this product. If you own one please consider using basic gun range safety rules with adult supervision and avoid getting lulled in to the idea that this is a scaled down weapon in any way.

Rich Conneen


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