Don't change what works

Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Once again the Alaska Native Brotherhood, Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand Camp Convention has come and gone. Many issues were discussed and tabled. One topic in particular that has caught my attention, and certainly my concern, is to make changes to the Alaska Native Brotherhood, Alaska Native Sisterhood Constitution.

This has been known to be the oldest Native organization in the world.

The reason?

Our constitution, our backbone, so to speak, has been around for 89 years. I strongly believe once we begin to make these changes, a little here, a little there, the strength (our backbone) will be weakened or even broken.

So, brothers and sisters, be careful as to how you vote and why at next year's Constitutional Convention to be held at Hoonah.

To those of you who promote the changes, remember: Your fathers, and their forefathers, have supported this constitution time after time. This has worked for them, their strength and beliefs, and most of all respect should continue on. Let's not forget what they have worked for!

OK, let's consider change for a minute!

To those of you who support change, once you pass on, then what?

We have always been united, we have always been as one. Why?

Because of our strong backbone for 89 years!

So please, please, please brothers and sisters, think about this. Think about our children, and their children.

This is one time I can say, and speak from my heart, why try to fix something when it works? It's been proven time and again for 89 years!

Donna Ashenfelter

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