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Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Thank you for running the story about the footwear that was donated to AWARE. Ray Vidic, as you noted, is the founder of Juneau's Footwear for Families Program. Ray has had a key role in the Upgrades for Cancer Program. The Upgrades for Cancer Program is a program where people can turn in their upgrades to help a cancer patients obtain better air fare rates. Twelve upgrades will help a cancer patient receive 75 percent off of a full-fare ticket. The ticket is a no-restricted fare so the cancer patient can travel when there is a need.

Ray is a humble and delightful person who has contributed much to our community. I will enjoy watching him carry the Olympic Torch that will be carried through the streets of Juneau on Jan. 24. Thirty torchbearers have been selected from across the state of Alaska to participate in this historic and exciting event. Anyone who would like to volunteer as a route enthusiast (someone who creates enthusiasm along the relay route), or host a torchbearer's family, or help in any other way with this event please contact Beth Galea at or call Heather Bingaman at 463-2644. Please provide your name, phone number and mailing address.

Heather Bingaman


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