The last word

Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2001

I'll tell you what's laughable, Ms. Tinney and Mr. Gillette: what's laughable is democracy-tooting Americans who under all the peace and free speech and justice rhetoric really support unethical, equally deranged, violent and ruthless means to maintain American power and control in world matters. What's really laughable is that Americans have neither the conscience nor courage to look their own government in the eyes and demand an alternative to bloodshed and war. The United States government has assorted military organizations who have committed clear, documented crimes against humanity on our own soil and abroad for extraordinarily selfish purposes, and still we say nothing. That is laughable. You can tuck yourself in at night believing that bin Laden is evil and deranged and a fanatic, but you lie to yourself, as your government lies to you.

Don't tell me I should be happy with my freedoms and liberties as an American while our government eavesdrops on phone conversations and e-mail sites, creates files on otherwise "free" individuals, and suspects anyone opposed to war and multinational advantage as a terrorist. Don't tell me to thank my government for all that I have when the average American struggles to feed, clothe, house and keep well their hungry and uninsured children. Don't tell me to thank God that our government deports people when it represents racist, shortsighted, invasive and undemocratic principles.

Ms. Tinney, why don't you look those Afghani people in the eyes and tell them they deserve to be destroyed because Americans don't want opposition or "chronic threat"?

Tell me, what was the rationale behind declaring war in the first 24 hours of the assault besides saving face? Why didn't we opt to share the wealth, discredit the Taliban, and rain food, and clothing and money and skills and toys and tools on this country instead of dropping bombs and waste and gunfire and death upon them?

You may question my education, my mental health, my life experience, even my parenting, well I question your humanity. Since when is peace "extreme"?

Chris Joy


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