Taxpayers should have been consulted on policy

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 21, 2003

I find it disturbing that the elected officials of Juneau feel that Juneau has to keep up with Vermont and California. I agree that everyone deserves health insurance, but I also believe that the taxpayers deserve to weigh in on a policy that requires the public to front the money for. Was the policy put up for public hearing? Did the Assembly have it on a meeting agenda? And was it put out to the public so they could weigh in on the new policy?

To those who scream at people like me for opposing such an immoral decree, I say tough. They cry "We all deserve health insurance." I ask: What in this policy addresses the poor, the unemployed, or the public who do without and yet pay for a special class of people to receive health insurance?

Juneau faces many financial challenges with not enough money to cover everything, yet puts in place a policy that has the potential to create an even greater burden for the taxpayer.

I believe that a person's lifestyle is their own business, regardless how I feel as to it being right or wrong. I don't feel that because someone is gay they then have the right to wave a flag signaling that they are special and deserve the same rights as everyone else when it comes to benefits that are given to married couples. Having said that, it becomes my business if or when I am expected to pay for a policy that supports a lifestyle that I feel is wrong.

I will never live in a community whose elected officials feel they can impart policy without regard for all of the constituents they serve

The city of Juneau is funded by all taxpayers, not just the employees and their partners.

John Mielke


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